GlassFishV3 Application server Monitoring with Hyperic HQ

Let me first give you brief about Open source Hyperic HQ designed to provide all fundamental management and monitoring capabilities for web applications and IT infrastructures.
Key Facts about the HQ Architecture

This diagram is a simple illustration of the key HQ components and how they fit together. The diagram doesn’t reflect a real-world deployment, as it shows only a single HQ Agent. In a typical deployment, there are many agents – one on every machine you manage with HQ.
hyperic documentation

Hyperic HQ Already has Glassfish plugin but it doesn’t automatically detect Glassfish server following are the changes you need to do on in the glassfish server to get monitored with HypericHQ:-
1. Download jhall.jar from link
2. Put jhall.jar in the $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/lib
3. Add following JVM parameters in the Glassfish config file $GLASSFISH_HOME//glassfish/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml in the tag <java-config>
4. Now start glashfish server and hyperic agent to monitor glassfish server in the Hyperic HQ.
Stay tuned to monitor RabbitMQ and Cassandra through Hyperic HQ………………….
Wish you very -very Happy and prosperous New Year 2011 enjoy………


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  1. Neal says:

    the link no longer works…

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